Telehealth Now Available at OSOC


Orthopedic Telehealth Now Available at OSOC


We are pleased to provide orthopedic care to our existing patients while doing our part to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Telehealth visits are personal, secure and convenient for patients.

Additionally, the benefits of choosing a Telemedicine visit over a traditional face-to-face visit include no travel or parking, less waiting, significant time savings, and the convenience of seeing your orthopedic physician from wherever you choose.

Here’s it works:

  • You will receive all of the necessary information for you to login to your Orthopedic Telehealth appointment at the time that you book your appointment with one of our staff members.
  • You and your orthopedic doctor can see each other and talk to each other in real time.
  • Since you will be using video, you will be able to show your doctor what hurts or where the problem is.
  • Your doctor will explain your diagnosis and possible treatment options, including:
    • Imaging such as x-rays and MRIs can be ordered
    • For medications, a prescription can be sent electronically to your pharmacy
    • If surgery is needed, but it is considered non-essential, it will likely be scheduled for a future date, but we will do our best to keep the process moving forward as we navigate our current environment with regars to the COVID virus.
  • Most health insurance providers will cover Telehealth visits. Be sure to contact your insurance provider ahead of time to confirm your coverage.


To begin using our Telehealth service fill out the form below or contact us at 248-335-2977