One of the most common questions we get after a patient has had a knee replacement is, Can I kneel on my new knee? A recent study shows the answer is Yes!

A study published in the May issue of the Journal of Arthroplasty included a simple protocol for kneeling after total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

The new findings are based on a recent study of 250 patients that had knee replacement. It shows that 68% could kneel without any problems. The others went through a "kneeling Protocol" and 90% of them could then kneel. Check out the protocol below. 

The conclusions from this study were as follows:

In this cohort, 68% of knees could kneel after TKA without any specific training. Of those who had at least some difficulty kneeling, pain in the knee was the most common reason. Of these patients, 81% could kneel with a simple home program. This study concludes that many, if not most, patients can be taught to kneel with a relatively simple protocol. It follows that kneeling should be taught as part of the postoperative rehabilitation process. 


Kneeling Protocol

Week 1

Kneel 10 min a day on the couch.

Week 2

  Kneel 10 min a day on a couch cushion on the floor.

Week 3

Kneel 10 min a day on a thin pillow on the floor or on thick carpet.

Week 4

Kneel 10 min a day on a thin carpet or rug.

Week 5

Kneel on the floor or on the ground outside.


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