In 2016 I made an appointment with Dr Kassab with concerns about my left knee. 


Dr Kassab took an x-ray and determined my knee was bone on bone, and that when it interfered with my daily activities, it should be replaced, but not until then.  In the fall of 2018 Dr Kassab had my knee injected with Iovera to prepare it for the surgery (which eliminated the pain for a total of 6 weeks – two weeks leading up to surgery and 4 weeks after surgery). 

I had the surgery at 7 AM and was walking with a walker and no pain at 10 AM.  I went home and was using only crutches within 24 hours.  Pain was minimal, I used pain medication when going to bed for 3 nights.  I received PT at home for two weeks and made amazing progress.  Within a week I was using a cane around the house.  After two weeks of PT at home, I had two weeks of PT at a facility.  Four months later I was downhill skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at Lake Tahoe. 

Here is the shocker, I am 72 years old. 

Dr. Kassab is amazing and has a wonderful and caring bedside manner.  I would and do recommend him to friends and acquaintances regularly.

 Beverly Benson Wolf


 We are proud to feature the work of Beverly Benson Wolf, a patient and professional photographer, in our Clarkston office. Learn more here


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Dear Dr. Safa Kassab,

Thank you, your staff and St.Joes for the great work: Replaced both hips: 2011(right), 2013(left).  So far, both are "The best parts of me!".  We walk 1-2 miles/day!

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Dear Dr. Matt Bahu,

I hope that all is going well with your practice! I just wanted to thank you for the adventures in my life after my ACL reconstruction. Hiking glaciers in New Zealand and hills in Maui would not have been possible without you. 

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Debra had her knee replaced by Dr. Joseph Ward and was able to fulfill her goal of climbing the south tower of the Mackinac Bridge. 

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Dear Dr. Bahu and staff,
I want to take this time to express my most heartfelt thanks for the professional and courteous service that you and your office staff always provides. I recently had rotator cuff surgery on my left shoulder and I'm now beginning the recovery phase. Prior to, and after surgery, 

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One year after hip replacement hiking crack in the wall of Slot Canyon Sara Park, Lake Havasu, AZ. 

Mary H.